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Maidan Protection Technology

Premier Compact Series

LED Remote Keypads LCD Remote Keypads Premier Keypads
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RKP8SP/16SP RKP4/8/16
Enabling the set-up quickly & efficiently.

Premier Compact IR
Dual element PIR. Designed to excel in typical residential installation environments.
Premier Compact XT
Digital PIR with advanced signal processing. Digital temperature compensation provides class-leading performance in hotter conditions.
Premier Compact QD
Digital quad element PIR. Digital temperature compensation and genuine quad element detection delivers unrivalled performance and false alarm immunity.
Premier Compact PW
Digital pet-immune PIR. Holographic optical technology & advanced digital detection offering up to 35Kgs animal immunity without compromising intrusion detection.

Features & Functions

Detectors Premier C.IR Premier C.XT Premier C.QD Premier C.PW
Detection Range (m/ft) 12/40 15/50 15/50 12/40
Temperature Compensation Digital Digital Digital
Pulse Count Digital Digital Digital
Microprocessor Technology  
Mounting Height Alignment
Sealed Optics
Miniature Housing
Pet Immunity      
EN 50131-1 G2 G2 G2 G2
EN 50131-2-2 G2 G2 G2 G2

Premier Communicator Modules

Premier 8X
Remote Zone Expander providing an additional 8 programmable EOL zones, 2 programmable outputs plus speaker driver with programmable volume control.
Premier 8XE
Local plug-on 8 Zone Expander provides an additional 8 programmable EOL zones.

Premier RM8
Relay Module providing an additional 8 relay switch options

Premier 60iXD
Expansion module providing two ID† loops each supporting 30iXD† biscuits. † iD is a trademark of Novar Systems Ltd.

Additional Communicator Devices

Premier ComIP
Allows connection of any Premier control panel to a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN). This allows alarms to be signalled over an IP network to an alarm receiving centre via Texecom's Montex

Premier Speech Module
The Speech Module provides two recordable 12 second audio messages. Each message is assigned to an alarm channel, which in turn can be triggered from one of the many output functions of the control panel.

Siren: Premier Elite Odyssey 4

Triple Tamper Detection
The captive screw fixing method† when combined with a tamper switch, provides the earliest possible indication of unauthorised access to the unit. The fully adjustable wall & lid tamper switch provides maximum flexibility to each installation.
† Patent Pending.

Low Current (LC) Mode
Low current mode is jumper selectable, as with SCB mode it enables a reduction in current drawn from the control panel, to allow installation of additional external sounders. Low current mode maintains significant sounder volume.

Patented Engineer Hold-of Mode
Installation and maintenance is made quick, simple and safe by a revolutionary patented safety engineer hold-off mode. On powerup the hold-off mode is automatically enabled, preventing the unit from sounding until the tamper circuit is secure. This enables "one trip up the ladder" installation. Hold-off mode can be re-invoked at any time from the control panel, ensuring easy maintenance and verification.

IP65 Sealed Electronics Module
The advanced electronic module of the Premier Elite Odyssey 4 is protected by a robust inner cover assembly with gasket seal. This maximises protection from dust and moisture, sealing to IP65 rating which enables prolonged exposure to harsher environments without compromising performance or functionality.

Speech Dialler

  • 32 Character LCD Display
  • 4 Voice Messages - Each up to 32 Seconds in Length
  • 2 Programmable Outputs
  • Remote Access via Touch-tone Phone
  • 4 Trigger Inputs
  • Upload/Download via Wintex™ Software††
  • Call Acknowledgement
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Listen-in Mode
  • Passcode Protected
  • Talkback Mode
  • 8 Contact Numbers
  • Memo Feature
  • Call Abort
  • Speech & Text Dialler
  • 4 Text Messages - Each up to 32 Characters in Length †

Smoke Detectors

Exodus OH
Optical and heat multisensor. Heat enhancement ensures high sensitivity to fast burning fires whilst optical chamber provides exceptional false alarm immunity.

Exodus RR
Rate of Rise heat detector. Suitable for use where smoke or dust is prevalent, with fastest heat detection performance.

Exodus FT64
Fixed 64˚C heat detector. Suitable for use where smoke or dust is prevalent with superior false alarm immunity.

Exodus FT90
Fixed 90˚C heat detector. Suitable for use where smoke or dust is prevalent, ideal for extreme high ambient temperatures.

Features & Functions

Fire Detectors Exodus OH Exodus RR Exodus FT64 Exodus FT90
12V/4-wire Operation With Alarm Relay
Microprocessor Technology
Digital Technology Detection Algorithms
Latch Input Enables Auto Reset Or Latching Operation
Alarm Situation Test Button
Optical &Thermal Detection For Optimum Sensitivity      
Digital Drift Compensation    
EN54-5 Compliant  
EN54-7 Compliant